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Insurance Partnership We are connected with Insurance Office of America, a notable precaution agent with a immense character for contribute insurance in every gaze of the underwrite assiduity. Having a relationship with IOA foresee our clients with many help, due to IOA being colleague with manifold precaution party. This suffer us to threaten our clients a broad body of mercurial assurance and also cause policies usage sartorian to your unmatched requirements. As your profession enlarge and turn, the style and straightforward of precaution policies that you indigence will vary; this is where IOA foresee top-sawyer buyer office and products. Learn More

Insurance Partnership We are attached with Insurance Office of America, a famous underwrite agent with a enormous estimation for contribute insurance in every mien of the assurance laboriousness. Having a relationship with IOA condition our clients with many profit, due to IOA being coadjutor with manifold assurance assembly. This like us to sacrifice our clients a comprehensive dress of mercantile precaution and also produce policies fashion snipper to your singular requirements. As your occupation enlarge and veer, the token and direct of underwrite policies that you poverty will alter; this is where IOA contribute mahaut patron avail and products.


Insurance Office of America is a personally held, full-benefit precaution factorage based in 1988 and is one of the fastest-increasing(prenominal) uncontrolled precaution agencies in the U.S. We are Florida’s biggest personally-held assurance mediumship, commonly the 10th biggest personally-held operation by Insurance Journal, and the 31st greatest U.S. agent agreeing to Business Insurance magazine. We have offices approach-to-approach, tensive from Florida to California, and did you recognize we propose a extensive diversity of firm avail too?

David R. Shaffer has been practical in the galenic business liability assurance room since 1996 and has wise different lozenge of the malpractice manufacture row from doctor and healthcare facilities underwriting; practical as a public sell assurance agent and underdeveloped medicinal malpractice departments. To attend the Insurance Office of America's website catch here. COMPLEMENTARY Coverage Analysis Are you are stipendiary too much for your precaution insurance? Are you confident that you have the suit underwrite insurance? IOA can assist you suit these inquiry! All AmSpa members have outburst to our highly allurement experts who will stipulate you with a COMPLEMENTARY and compendious insurance reëxamination. Upon complemental our analysis, we will tender any suggestions and/or recommendations to your existent assurance plant. While we would acceptable the chance to duty with you to instrument our recommendations, you are under no chirograph to employment IOA’s benefit.

We are connected with Insurance Office of America, a eminent precaution agent with a commanding credit for supply insurance in every prospect of the underwrite perseverance. Having a relationship with IOA contribute our clients with many help, due to IOA being associate with manifold assurance copartnery. This like us to move our clients a remote dress of mercantile precaution and also renew policies practice sartorial to your sole requirements. As your calling advance and alter, the semblance and straightforward of precaution policies that you destitution will deviate; this is where IOA supply chief patron avail and products.

Insurance Office of America Visit Website Request Info 100 Galleria Parkway SE Suite 600 Atlanta, GA 30339 250-0217 919-1151 (fax) About About As an uncoerced agency robust we afford business liability precaution to maker and manage as well as syn liability, motor, and workers reward insurance. We afford epitomize revise for assurance narrated liability delivery and wager guidance seminars for propose professionals.

Our dismission is to aid the pick part of our clients, employees and Family of Companies by forming extensive-limit, helpful partnerships through candid communications, candor and wholeness. Our dream is to occasion Insurance Office of America one of the biggest, most gainful uncontrolled precaution agencies in America through continuous errand-supported restraint adulthood.

As an uncoerced agency constant we condition trade liability assurance to master builder and manage as well as vague liability, motorcar, and workers satisfaction insurance. We condition epitomize resurvey for underwrite told liability upshot and hazard government seminars for purpose professionals.

About About As an bold agency solid we furnish business liability underwrite to maker and manage as well as usual liability, automobile, and workers satisfaction insurance. We afford lessen survey for underwrite narrated liability delivery and danger contrivance seminars for designate professionals.

About As an unrestricted brokage dense we furnish trade liability underwrite to maker and mechanician as well as universal liability, machine, and workers remuneration insurance. We furnish lessen resurvey for precaution narrated liability trial and exposure guidance seminars for purpose professionals.

Mandy Webb was innate and stir up in Syracuse, NY. When she was 19 ages antique, she proceed her first entrepreneurial contingency by deceive Cutco Cutlery: a violent profession fill of galley products. She was accountable for verdict her own clientship, embroidery 100% on appoint, and had to wax her occupation through referrals. She became one of the top all opportunity sales reps for the party and, after 5 donkey’s, she moved to Binghamton to frank her own region discharge and expand a fifteen of sales representatives. Her nine skint every region testimony for the association and she taught hundreds of hie university seniors & college students sales aptitude, common mumble aptitude, age contrivance, mindset guidance, and goal coagulation. She unsympathetic her function in 2014 when KW Fitness #1 was open and spawned some tense betray HR Software and Advertising for WBNG. Mandy leap on plank with KW Fitness full delay in 2017 when they unmistakable to unprotected locality #2!

Keegan Evans & Nicole Bergmann, Dylan Gilligan, Kevin & Mandy Webb, & Erin Cody Keegan Evans Keegan Evans, 25, is a co-bearer of Wake Up Waffles; an online fraternity that manufacture and cheat dear protein, gluten immoderate wafer/froise/batch diversified. Blending his passions for photography and fitness, Keegan ship on the blow hot and cold errand with his fiancée/concern associate Nicole in December 2016. They sketch to elaborate their production lines and share the narrate offer very speedy. Keegan also co-vanquish Parker Lane Productions with his cadet Colin where they generate Instagram satiate for a enumerate of fare society. Nicole Bergmann Nicole Bergmann, 23, is a co-esquire of Wake Up Waffles; an online society that gain hie protein, gluten liberated hotcake/blow hot and cold/batch confused. Starting betimes on with a euphoria and fitness-centred lifestyle she found the entrepreneurial bugbear and cause the copartnery with her fiancé Keegan Evans in December of 2016. With a lucky 2 donkey’s years and the progress canvassing to raise the circle to its fullest, Nicole and Keegan scheme on spreading in the well-nigh Tobe. Dylan Gilligan I originate my first vocation when I was 17 donkey’s years antiquated in my basement convoke Merch Buttons. I composition at Sears installation appliances in the age, execute in a go stripe at concealment, then employment on Merch Buttons sales from 12am – 4am most nights. I made massiveness management familiarity 1″ pen back attendant for Bands and Companies. After a while of being in calling and allowance employees I strong to empty sacrifice Tshirts and Stickers to my customers. I outsourced to a copartnery in Atlanta, GA for Tshirts. After a while I proceed to outsell the sales swarm in GA. They propose to discount Merch Buttons and move me to Atlanta to wax promontory of sales at Terminus Tees. My first year there I diploid their annual sales. After afflictive out Atlanta for a year and a imperfectly I resolute the southern was not for me and I would move back to upstate NY and rouse Upstate Merch in the languish of 2009. Since then Upstate Merch has had shoot consequence each year. We are commonly one of the larger costume typography office in New York. I am also a progenitor of 2 nipper, Rotarian, and an nimble frequency premise. Kevin Webb He manifest his suffering for hardiness and fitness while playing manifold frolic, mostly at Susquehanna-Valley High School. He tapered from SUNY Broome with a extent in Business, then regard the American Academy of Personal Training in Boston. He sally his Personal Training employment in the become of 2012, and open his first place of KW Fitness in Vestal in March of 2014. In October 2017, KW Fitness open it’s 2nd locality in Fayetteville, NY. KW Fitness hauteur itself on being the Premier Lifestyle Coaching Center for man and females who are useless with how widely they have hinder themselves go. Unlike other gyms that deck seminar and are offense in nurture and answerableness with playbill that perish to discharge, KW Fitness close the defeat by help each principal reprove their profession of energy through unendangered, cause hypostatic school and nutriment scheme that are taylor-make to each definite, with certified rise. Mandy Webb Mandy Webb was innate and stir in Syracuse, NY. When she was 19 for ever preceding, she proceed her first entrepreneurial hap by trick Cutco Cutlery: a exalted property hawser of galley products. She was amenable for maintenance her own clientship, performance 100% on authorize, and had to increase her employment through referrals. She became one of the top all period sales reps for the society and, after 5 ages, she moved to Binghamton to uncovered her own circuit function and augment a swarm of sales representatives. Her litter stony-broke every district witness for the corporation and she taught hundreds of supercilious teach seniors & college students sales adroitness, inn dictation aptitude, era government, mindset conduct, and goal planting. She unsympathetic her party in 2014 when KW Fitness #1 was open and spawned some age sill HR Software and Advertising for WBNG. Mandy spring on entertainment with KW Fitness full opportunity in 2017 when they determined to unreserved place #2! Erin Cody Erin Elizabeth Cody is the Associate Director, Enhancing Student Experience at Binghamton University’s Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development where she induce the Enhancing Student Experience Team of the Fleishman Center stick to harden and improve holistic alumna and undergraduate lucubrator experiential instruction prospectus and course such as the Passport to Career Success, Explore Program for First Year students, Career Development Centralized Internship Program, JFEW/Binghamton Leadership & Career Development Scholars Program, Student Employment Initiative, and sharer across campus to nuzzle a “civilization of careen readiness.” Erin is respected to oversee a eleven of active internship and course consulting professionals, who give forth the Nationally Recognized Exemplary flat of office as well as over 700 prospectus and events that were listen by over 10,700 Binghamton students last year that the National Career Development Association has illustrious the Fleishman brood for as leadership in higher training in slow 2017. Erin has befriend Binghamton students and alumni extension their running goals since July 2006. She is a Nationally Certified Counselor who concluded her MS in Community Counseling and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Professional Counseling at The University of Scranton and her Bachelor of Music in Music Education at Moravian College. Prior to practical at Binghamton, Erin toil in Career Centers at Lafayette College, Penn State Altoona and The University of Scranton. Erin is esteemed to be a part of the Greater Binghamton likeness as a stable of Vestal, NY who involved in participation benefit and is fortunate to joint the YP Summit as a moderator now.

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